Sights in Milos

Museums in Milos

  • Archaelogical Museum of Milos in Plaka
  • Folklore Museum in Plaka from 1967
  • Mining Museum of Milos in Adamas
  • Church Museum In Adamas
  • Marine Museum of Milos in Adamas


Archaeological Places in Milos

  • The ancient town of Filakopi. One of the most important towns of ancient Greece located at the north side of Milos.
  • Ancient Theatre of Milos, located in Klima. Suitable for 7.000 seats.


  • Milos proclaimed as a sacred island in 2009, as the Catacombs are the oldest monument of Christianity. It was the first place in the concentration of the first Christians and the first community cemetery in the late 2nd century. The Catacombs of Milos are unique in size in the entire country and among the most famous and remarkable Christian monuments in the world, along with the catacombs of Rome and the Holy Land.

μηλος κατακομβες

Sarakiniko beach! A unique landscape you definately must visit!

μηλος σαρακηνικο


Μηλος Θειωρυχεία


μηλος κλεφτικο