Milos Beaches

Milos is famous for its awesome beaches. In Milos you will find over 75 beaches with crystal blue waters, in unique locations each. Crystal clear waters, sculpted cliffs, small hidden beaches and white beaches are some elements which characterize them.
The road network in Milos is very good in the north and in most of the southern beaches to go to them with your car, or by rental vehicle. On the beaches located on the eastern and western side of the island the access is relatively difficult and in most of the route is a dirt road in some places make access to a public car difficult. Still, there are beaches, (like Kleftiko, Gerakas, Sikia and many not mentioned below) which you can visit only by boat, by participating in excursions starting from the port of Adamas. Finally, on your right if you want you can download our map with beaches of Milos.

Inside the gulf of Milos:
Achivadolimni – with sand and shallow waters, with organized beach bar, access by bus
Eborios – non-organized with small port and one tavern
Papikinou – organized with beach bar, 1 km east of Adamas, shallow water small waves perfect for kids.
Lagada – organized near Adamas (west)

Beaches south Milos
Aghia Kyriaki – organized sandy, beach bar, water sports, volleyball court, quiet rooms
Provatas – sandy, organized, tavernas over the beach
Paleochori – organized with taverns and beach bar, hotels on the beach
Kipos – quiet beach with sand, not organized, starting marine Tour
Tsigrado – photographed beach known for its azure waters, unorganized, sand
Gerakas – access to the sea, nestled between St. Sundays and the Tsigrado
Firiplaka – organized with beach bar, attracts many visitors, but if you want more quiet moments walk alongside the rocks and you will find two other beaches.
Kleftiko – access by sea with boats that make excursions from Adamas or Kipos. Details can be found in the port of Adamas.

Beaches on north Milos
Agios Konstantinos – unorganized sand
Alogomandra – unorganized sand
Kapros – unorganized sand
Mantrakia – unorganized sand
Mytakas – unorganized
Papafragas – unorganized, typical for rocks
Pachaina – unorganized,
Plathiena – organized,
Pollonia – unorganized, natural shade from trees on beach
Sarakiniko – the must visit beaches with white rocks
Fyropotamos – organized with beach bar

Beaches on the eastern Milos
Theiorichia (=Sulfur mines) – known for its facilities located. If you decide to visit the Theiorichia arm yourself with patience, the road is long and if you have somewhat low drive do not attempt to go. It’s an unorganized sand and pebble beach.
Tria Pigadia – difficult road, unorganized beach with large pebbles and stones in sea

Beaches on western Milos
Agios Ioannis, Agathia, Sykia and Ammoudaraki. The road to the beaches of western Milos is hard and it is a dirt road from here on, so it is advisable to have your water, gasoline and food as you will not find something on your way to these beaches.