Hotels in Milos

milos hotels

Accommodation in Milos – Milos Hotels.

There are many beaches and many accommodations (hotels – rooms to let) that make Milos a top tourist attraction. The famous statue of Venus de Milo, which is now in the Louvre (Paris) was found in Milos in 1820 while the copy is in the archaeological museum of Milos in Plaka.

You will find many hotels of all categories in Milos that meet the needs of every guest. From simple rooms up to nicely decorated boutique hotels. Most hotels are located in the port of Milos in Adamas, but also you will find hotels at the enchanting Pollonia, at Plaka, at Trypiti and at Paleochori. Accommodations generally in Milos includes single rooms, rooms to let, apartments, houses, villas and finally a campsite at Ahivadolimni.

Hotels in Milos offer beautiful views of the sea that is next to the sea. Beautiful views with amazing sunsets you will find in Plaka in Milos. Milos is an island that you will fall in love, you will fall in love with the delicious food, the countless beaches and the magical landscape.

So, for your accommodation there are many options at very good prices. Hotels in Adamas Milos are located in a few meters from the port where they are located and many taverns, restaurants and a few bars too. Also you will find banks, ATM, bakery, pharmacy, mini-market and more in Adamas. For quieter accommodation you can choose to stay at the hotels in Pollonia with beautiful hotels and of course restaurants-taverns with delicious fish to eat next to the beach! Options in Pollonia are many and you can find the hotel that suits you best.

Other areas of Milos that you will find hotels and rooms to let are: the Pachena, Provatas, Zefyria, Klima, Mandrakia, Triovasalos, Aghia Kyriaki and more.

Whichever hotel you choose to stay in the magical Milos it is sure  that Milos will stay in your memory for many years!


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